Winner of "Best Open Source Hack"

INPHO! is the next best way to find location-based information.
Open the mobile app and you instantly have information about the business you're currently at.
Near many businesses? You get to see all of their information and see their specials for tonight.
Or maybe you are a business? Just go into our website and create your own page for your customers to see.

In the future, you'll be able to add "gadgets" to your page, with features such as "order from the app", and "pay with bitcoin/venmo".


- Developed the entire backend logic using JS, NodeJS, express and MongoDB.
- Designed the database schema and interface, including MongoDB's Geolocation storage feature
- Created the geolocation features for web.
- Designed and developed the entire frontend with Bootstrap, JS, as well as the google maps api.
- Conceptualized and designed the UI and UX.