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Team Lead for an autonomous replica of the ramblin' wreck, used as a parade float in Georgia Tech's Homecoming parade. Developed entirely in ROSpy at The Agency.
A (more) pythonic framework for writing ros tests using pytest.
I've contributed to the open source machine learning framework on github.
InTube - TreeHacks 2017
Use Vision and ML to search Youtube videos by the visual pictures and verbal content *within* them. Used google cloud vision API for tagging frames of youtube videos.
Same, Tbh
Vim-like macros for bash. Record, replace keywords, and play bash commands right from the command line.
Monte Carlo Tetris Bot
A tetris-battle bot that uses Monte Carlo Tree Search to make decisions. Made at The Agency at Georgia Tech (the AI Club) for
140 M.D. - MHacks Refactor 2016
A byte-sized medical checkup on your sleep schedule, based on your twitter profile. We figure out when you go to bed and wake up, and how that is affecting your mood.
Highlight - MHacks VI
An iOS app that enables you to search real life documents by simply taking a picture of them. If the picture is of a page of a book, we also tell you other places within that book where your query matches!
A python framework for Neural Networks on-the-go. Makes it fast and easy to create a simple NN.
Pretty Graphs
A python library that uses simulated annealing and gradient descent to find the most visually appealing configuration of a given graph.
Inpho - HackATL
The best way to find location-based information. Just open the web app and you'll see the information (menu, specials, interactive features) for the business you're currently at. Winner of "Best Open Source Hack".
ConnWars - Ludum Dare 30
A strategy web game designed and built in under 72h as a part of the ludum dare Game Jam. Ranked #42 out of 1000 entries for "theme" and top 25% for "innovation". Playable online. Multiplayer in Beta.
ASL Leap - Hack Duke
A Versal gadget that teaches the American Sign Language with a Leap Motion. Given a letter from the ASL, it verifies for correct finger position. Winner of "Best Use of Leap Motion", and "Best Versal Gadget".
Presidential nGrams
A python script that uses markov chains and nGrams to generate texts (for example, presidential speeches), based on source examples.
Text Simplifier - MHacks V
A chrome extension that attempts to simplify text from the current web page, using python's nltk NLP library, for children to better understand it.
They Should Have This - HackGT
A wep app developed during HackGT 2014 for users to share ideas and find people interested in developing them.
2048 For Linux
Port of the famous web and iOS game to the Linux terminal using C and ncurses (library). Available as a ppa.
Social network for Brazilian teachers to share videos of their lectures and receive/provide feedback to each other.
Buzz Bot
Scripts and various API implementations for the creation of Hubot responses to commands such as "buzz image me < query >" and "buzz /r/dataisbeautiful".
Prototype of a fully-featured social network in which users shared opinions on certain topics (like/dislike/why).
My personal website, designed and scripted from scratch.